Scary What We Feed Our Dogs – How to Fix It


Let’s face it, most dog food, especially the cheaper stuff is downright garbage. Hoofs, cartilage, tails, brains, basically whatever is left after human consumable meat is butchered is what’s left for dog food. Unfortunately these big corporations are looking to cut corners at all costs and what probably costs them about $1 to produce, they charge us $40 for a bag of poison for our dogs.

If you’re like any other loveable dog owner you want your furry pal to be around as long as possible and there are a few key changes you can make to likely add years to your dogs life. Just think about this for a minute…If you fed your dog 100% natural food from the day you brought them home as a puppy, how much longer do you think he would live compared to a dog eating bargain basement dog food? I’m willing to bet my left arm you’d add multiple years to his life and couple that with dog supplements such as a hip and joint supplement, skin and coat and pro-biotic and who knows, he may outlive you! Probably not but hey we can all hope 🙂

I understand everyone can’t afford to feed their dog gourmet, 100% all-natural dog food but adding a few supplements will certainly offset the poor nutrition they’re likely getting from the cheap brand dog food. Here’s one supplements that can have a big impact on your dogs health and well-being:

1. Happy Dog Nutrition’s RENEW Liquid Glucosamine Hip & Joint Supplement – Available on Amazon Here

It doesn’t matter if your dog is 2 or 12, a liquid glucosamine supplement is a great way to keep your dog feeling tip-top. Dogs age at an incredible rate and their drive to play and do what dogs do is rough on their skeletal system. Not to mention many dogs often develop hip  and joint problems such as hip dysplasia and arthritis which can really bum a dog out and even lead to putting some dogs down. Giving them a liquid glucosamine supplement early on can ensure you’re dog is maintaining strong bones, cartilage, tendons and joints. They are here for a short time so let’s help them have the best life possible. We have personally witnessed old, depressed dogs come to life like a puppy again with the help of a glucosamine supplement. Liquid glucosamine is hands down the best route to take because it’s easily applied to a dogs food and absorbs much better than a chewable tablet or powder.

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